What We Believe

Statement of Faith

1. We believe in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit 2 Cor 13:14

2. We believe that the Bible is the word of God 2 Tim 3:16

3. We believe that Jesus Christ is God and equal with the Father and the Holy Spirit

4. We believe in baptism of immession Matt 28:19,20

5 We believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ Rev 1:7/rev Rev 22:20

The Store

Our store we have some of the following books:

Your future fortold: This book looks at the future of humanity from the time of Daniel’s time to our present time. Daniel also tells us the meaning of the scarly animals that have buffled many theologians for years. dr Anthony looks at a whole spectrum of events. Many things that have been hidden from you are reveaved in this book through the grace of God. Dr Anthony presents a holistic, Christ centered approach and gives you a step by step interpretation of the most complex texts in the book.

The Art and Science of Greatness: Dare to dream, this book will change your life completely. You will become a great person. You will see yourself in a different light, it will teach you how to become great.

The Oasis of Love in Marriage: the book will ignite your marriage, and bring life into your bedroom and creat smiles on your face. Its gauranteed to change your married life for ever.

The Oasis Agricultural Institute

The farm is a self-sustaining farm in order to train and equip vulnerable, poor youth and orphans to become entrepreneurial (commercial) farmers.

Our mission is to equip and transfer farming skills, through training and development by utilizing proven sustainability methods.

The target group is youth ( ophans, vulnerable ) because most of the youth get into prostitution (transactional sex) in order to get a place to stay and /or some food. Others turn to drugs and alcohol abuse. Once they take these roads it becomes almost impossible to get them back on the right track.

Oasis Group

The Oasis Group.

  1. Hope Radio Christian broadcasting: is a division of The Oasis Institute. Hope Radio has a radio station, recording studio, media centre and internet broadcasting
  2. The Oasis Agricultural Institute: The Institute teaches youth agricultural skills, the program runs for 5 years. However, our target group is vulnerable youth although other youth are also welcome.
  3. Book publishing and markeing: We write and publish books and the income goes to poor youth for youth upliftment


The Oasis Group

Hope Radio christian broadcasting is a division of The Oasis Institute which brings hope to communities in Mpumalanga and the sorrounding areas. The media centre consist of a Broadcasting studio, a recording studio, the training institute and musical centre.

The Oasis Agricultural Institute is a farm that teaches youth to be farmers, the program takes 5 years. This is an excellent way of creating much needed employment.

The Oasis Institute was established to teach, train and create employment for vulnerable and poor youth.